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Sally McGrath

Sally McGrath Burnout, Treatment & Prevention Expert

Website: https://edumazing.com

Email: info@edumazing.com

Sally has a lifelong passion for health and well-being and has guided and supported individuals and teams to treat burnout and prevent burning out, sharing resources that empower the individual to identify what needs to change to reduce the risk of burnout. Sally also shares strategies that support "mental health hygiene", something that can be ignored when a person is experiencing the spiral into burning out & burnout. 

Having experienced her own life-changing burnout, Sally describes herself as a Burnout Survivor now Thriver, her own journey to recovery inspired her health coaching practice, Health that Heals.

Sally has combined her (30 plus) years of managing and training teams with her preventative health beliefs & expertise to deliver sustainable workplace well-being programs that engage and empower individuals. Sally also coaches burnt-out self-employed and professional women, to restore their joy, energy, and focus for work and life. As her clients frequently say, "Sally - I've lost my Zing!" Sally is a published author of the book Health that Heals, Transform Your Life Before It's Too Late and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York.

As a speaker for workplace wellbeing, Sally travels to share her message and continue her vision which is to eliminate the shame associated with burning out and to ensure that burnout is addressed by both the workplace and individuals as more than “just feeling tired from work”. Sally knows burnout is serious and how it impacts the lives of sufferers and families in a world that still values productivity as worthiness and busy as a badge of honour, Sally bursts the myth of work & life balance.  

Sally's joy comes from empowering individuals and teams to create what she terms "work and life in synergy".

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