IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  This service is currently full and will be reviewed on a term by term basis.  If you would like to join our waiting list, please register your interest below and we will be in touch.


Family Consultancy is an essential service that allows a highly experienced and qualified Education and Wellbeing Consultant to work one to one with students, families, teachers and other required professionals to shift the learning and/or wellbeing challenges a student experiences at school and/or home.

This is an intensive short term service that provides long term results. NDIS funding can be used for this service when it focuses on life skills and needs.  We also support the successful implementation of Student Support Group (SSG) goals and Individual Learning Plans (ILPs).

Students experience different approaches that are consistent with their needs. This may include:

  • Therapeutic support and coaching to improve their wellbeing;
  • Essential skill building through intensive and structured learning approaches across different areas of the curriculum;
  • Confidence building;
  • Social development and approaches to improve relationships;
  • Effectively using required resources e.g. assistive technology, to maximise their learning.

Parents experience their own support based on their needs. This may include:

  • Strengthening the relationship they have with their child;
  • Approaches to improve communication and trust;
  • Strategies to use when presented with challenging behaviour;
  • Techniques to improve wellbeing;
  • Enhancing partnerships with the school.

Teachers can also benefit from this service, this may include:

  • Effective strategies to support the child in the classroom with essential needs;
  • Observation and feedback on how they can work with the child using different approaches;
  • Modelling essential practices the child needs to thrive within the classroom setting.

We will work collaboratively with the young person, parents, teacher/s and community to develop the necessary skills, attitude and confidence to approach their next challenge with success.  


The Family Consultancy service is suitable for Pre-school students to Tertiary students that are having difficulties with their learning, relationships and life skills. as well as students with special needs. 

If you would like to find out more about our Family Consultancy Service you can contact us on 0480 290 140 or register your interest below.

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