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Learning Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to ensure every learner succeeds in the present and in the future. Learning Coaching focuses on changing the core issues that prevent a learner from reaching their potential in any subject, skill and learning experience.


Through Learning Coaching we provide the essential support to ensure young people improve in any area that is challenging for them including Maths and Literacy, as well as developing the necessary skills, attitude and confidence to approach the next challenge with success. We are often asked if we can support a child to improve their Maths or their Literacy skills and always uncover other reasons why our young people are not succeeding in these areas far beyond the skills themselves.


Learning Coaching is extremely flexible where we can provide academic support for our students as well as support that improves their wellbeing and life circumstances when required.


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Learning Coaching combines teaching essential skills, life coaching, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and cognitive processing. These aspects are vital to learning in the 21st century.  We apply Human LiteracyTM (our core philosophy) to understand all children's holistic needs. This philosophy utilises our SPICE of learning elements - Social, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional to understand each child's learning potential and blockers to transform their learning and lives.


We believe that all children have different needs and abilities therefore all of our Learning Coaching support is individual and unique. Children learn at their own pace and in different ways. We know in our 32+ years of educational experience that pre-made packages do not work especially in the long term as they restrict a child's growth and needs. Learning should occur without a box where learners can explore and recognise their potential using a variety of hands-on resources that match their learning styles and interests.

Every session the child participates in has been individually created to ensure they continue their learning and improve their confidence and skills. We work with their parent/guardian, school and any other organisation that is supporting their learning and well-being to maximise their achievements.


We provide one-to-one Learning Coaching as well as small group Learning Coaching. We know in our research that a smaller ratio of students to learning coaches creates the best possible support within a group learning environment.

We have worked with many students within our local community and beyond ranging from Pre-school students to Tertiary students as well as students with special needs. We are excited by the great success our students have had and continue to experience.


Places for these programs are limited and demand is quite high. Contact us as soon as you can to secure a place for your child.


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