Spelling Whiz

Spelling is the foundation to reading and writing. Many children need explicit coaching and learning opportunities to build stronger neurological pathways that lead to successfully spelling simple and complex words.

Through a series of personalised and engaging small group workshops, children and adolescents will:

  • Discover why spelling is important;
  • Change their mindset about spelling from “I can’t spell” to “I can spell”;
  • Improve their spelling by exploring sounds, patterns and meanings;
  • Strengthen visualisation and memory that boosts their vocabulary and spelling;
  • Access brain-building strategies that support spelling, reading and writing success;
  • Develop a greater love of spelling words, language, reading and writing.

New dates will be released soon. spellingwhiz2017

Group 1: Primary

Group 2: Secondary 

Time: To be confirmed.

Maximum Places: Limited places per group are available, to ensure maximum support. 

If you would like to find out more about this program, or would like to register your interest, you can contact us on 9731 1400 or complete a request form.

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