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Burnout free in education: Getting out of the burnout cycle  

Are you being pushed harder than ever before? In the last three years, as we lived through the pandemic period, it highlighted the huge amount of pressure in our workplaces. The education sector has been extremely impacted through increased expectations and pressures. Our education profession is losing top talent rapidly and we need to support our teachers and the future of our children.

We have identified burnout (16.7% of teachers) and workload (12.7% of teachers, that can lead to burnout), are huge challenges in education. Burnout needs to be recognised, treated, and prevented to support our education profession.

Combine burnout with no work & life synergy, and it’s a combination that will inevitably combust.

Join us for this 2-part webinar series to discover sustainable, do-able tips and suggestions to enable you to continue your work with a passion for education that’s burnout free!

This interactive 2-part webinar series will empower you as an education professional to identify the habits that contribute to burning out, help you to reframe these behaviours, and set boundaries that will protect you now and in the longer term.

We will explore how habits and expectations are inherent in burning out and work together through exercises that you can apply long after the webinars.

We’ll review strategies to manage difficult conversations, deal with people with challenging behaviour, and create boundaries that will protect you to enjoy sustainable work-life synergy throughout your profession.

This 2-part webinar series will allow you to:

  • Understand triggers that cause burnout-related behaviours (awareness);
  • Identify techniques that will support mental health hygiene (awareness and treatment);
  • Implement practices that will contribute to work and life synergy (prevention).


This webinar series focuses on staff wellbeing which directly and indirectly influences the successful application of all of the AITSL and FISO standards.


Early Years Educators; 

Classroom teachers in Catholic, Government and Independent schools: 

  • Primary;
  • Secondary; 
  • Specialist;
  • Education Support Staff;
  • School leaders
  • Pre-service, Graduates & Relief Teachers. 



Series dates:

Webinar 1: Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Webinar 2: Wednesday 8th March 2023

Series time: 

7.00pm - 8.30pm (AEST)

Series cost: 

Early bird price $150.00 AUD (excl. GST) $30.00 saving!

Early bird saving available until Monday 16th January 2023.


What you need for this webinar: 

  • Access to the webinar link on your device with internet connectivity, web camera, microphone and headphones and a speaker that is working and ready to use during the webinar;
  • Relevant resources provided via link for download;
  • A notebook that will be the start of your “Next Chapter”;
  • Pen for notetaking;
  • An open mind and a positive approach to how you can remain in your education profession without burning out. 


Webinar access: 

All registrants will receive a Zoom link prior to the webinar via email, along with any relevant downloadable resources. Please also check your junk folder if you haven’t received the email before contacting us about this matter. 

Only the registered person is authorised to participate in the registered webinar.

Sally McGrath
Founder -Health that Heals
Burnout Treatment & Prevention

Image SalSally has a lifelong passion for health and wellbeing and has guided and supported individuals and teams to treat burnout and prevent burning out, sharing resources that empower the individual to identify what needs to change to reduce the risk of burnout. Sally also shares strategies that support "mental health hygiene", something that can be ignored when a person is experiencing the spiral into burnout. 

Having experienced her own life-changing burnout, Sally describes herself as a Burnout Survivor now Thriver. Her own journey to recovery inspired her health coaching practice, Health that Heals. Learn more here.

Sally has combined her (30 plus) years of managing and training teams with her preventative health beliefs & expertise to deliver sustainable workplace wellbeing programs that engage and empower individuals. Sally also coaches burnt-out self-employed and professional women, to restore their joy, energy, and focus for work and life. As her clients frequently say, "Sally - I've lost my Zing!" Sally is a published author of the book ‘Health that Heals, Transform Your Life Before It's Too Late’ and is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, in New York.

Sally's joy comes from empowering individuals and teams to create what she terms "work and life in synergy".


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This 2-part webinar series will include:

  • Live presentation

  • Handout with tips and suggestions to take away

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